About Us

We are a church body who believe that God has called us to reach this nation for the Lord Jesus Christ by the Power, Love, and Gentleness of His Holy Spirit. Through God’s Word, prayer & intercession, we seek to love the brokenhearted, help the hurting, and guide the lost souls back into a right relationship with Jesus Christ. We are free in Jesus Christ, not bound by religious or legalistic practices, but by true repentance, righteous living, and submission to the daily sanctification process, we experience abundant living and the fullness of joy. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of this church is quite simple: to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ, and making disciples who would go and do the same.  How?  By Loving people.  Next, making them aware that they are born in sin and destined to be apart from God for all eternity.  Telling them that without Christ, there is no hope or escape from this truth.  However, through Christ, we have a guarantee.  Our sins are blotted out and our names are written in the Lambs book of Life.  

Jesus, God's only son, was given up for all mankind as a ransom for our sin death.  He died and rose again.  He defeated Sin, Hell and the Grave and is now alive and seated at the right hand of God.  Anyone who calls on His name will be saved!  Through Jesus we are saved, sanctified, healed, delivered and rescued by His love for us!   

Soul Purpose Evangelical Church is a body of believers who are serious about Prayer, Worship God's Holy Word, and Evangelism.  We are a body who will reach, teach and equip the saints of God to be mature in prayer, in the word, and in the realm of spirit.  We will make disciples who will go out and bear fruit, reproducing for the kingdom of God.  We are darkness destroyers, faith fighters, more than conquerors and have overcome by the blood of the lamb.  We are part of the fellowship of the unashamed!  We live out loud for Jesus Christ and we make no apologies for it.  We want to share Jesus with the world!