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    We pray that God will take care of all your needs with the wonderful blessings that come from Christ Jesus. —Philippians 4:19


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    Prayers Deliverance
    posted by: Luldez Gonzalez Delgado on 9/24/2023

    I am requesting prayers for God to deliver and guide and heal my Brother Benjamin Dejesus.he is going through some really touch storms.
    I will pray  
    Prayers for Deliverance
    posted by: Luldez Gonzalez Delgado on 9/24/2023

    I am requesting prayers of deliverance for my Brothers Albert Dejesus, Edwin Dejesus and Benny Dejesus
    I will pray  
    Requesting prayer
    posted by: Luldez Gonzalez Delgado on 9/24/2023

    I am requesting prayer for the Delgado family to come the Lord.
    I will pray  
    posted by: Luldez Delgado on 8/2/2023

    Please put the Delgado family in prayer for them to come to the Lord. My Husband and my 3 adult kids
    I will pray  
    posted by: Doreen Best on 6/6/2023

    That God would deliver me from this anxiety I have been very ill with this for over 2 years
    I will pray  
    posted by: Irving A Rodriguez on 6/3/2023

    I am suffering from disablement of my brain and consciousness, I am being physically tortured, ridiculed and physically abused by the enemy (Chelsea). I am in spiritual warfare, I can't function like normal, I'm going through a storm, the only way I'm writing this is because Chelsea (the enemy) is allowing my brain to function that way. Please pray for me, for deliverance from evil, intervention of divine order and angels to help me through the storm. I've been in this situation since 2019. Thank you.
    I will pray  
    Faith in Jesus
    posted by: Isabella on 4/2/2023

    Ask that I would trust that Christ died for me and to not just understand it. Ask that I would trust him entirely and that anything preventing me from trusting him is removed. Help to be willing also to trust and to overcome unbelief, guilt and fear associated with trusting Jesus. Pray for a revelation of who Jesus and that with that revelation the ability to see everything else inferior to Him.
    I will pray 1 person is praying.
    Prayer for physical healing
    posted by: Pauline on 3/21/2023

    Please pray for healing for my liver. I have to have endoscopy for heart reflux. Also my liver is 5% down.
    I will pray 1 person is praying.
    posted by: Ann on 3/19/2023

    God of the most high, come alongside me and fight this battle for me. Defeat & strike down these enemies of lust, infidelity and selfishness controlling my husband. We pray against this enchantment power of this present darkness that has been waging war against my husband, family and finances. In the mighty name of Jesus, we come against these strongholds and claim deliverance today. Amen
    I will pray 1 person is praying.
    Physical Healing
    posted by: Pauline on 3/19/2023

    Please pray for my right elbow deep wound that it will not get infected and it will continue to heal healthy with no issues. Reflux , shingles migraines and my liver to be healed. It’s been challenging week but I know god is with me and helping me. I am getting spiritually attacked and I am drained. My fav broke down. I can’t go to work and uni and behind in work. I am struggling financially. I thank you in advance. God bless.
    I will pray 1 person is praying.
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    Gladden the soul of your servant, for to you, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you. Give ear, O LORD, to my prayer; listen to my plea for grace. In the day of my trouble I call upon you, for you answer me. (Psalms 86:4-7 ESV)